Businesses run on important decisions and often decisions are made by weighing the options that are good for the future. However, the present should not be ignored because it is the only time that is in your hands. The past is gone and future is yet to come. The present has the potential to become both the past as well as the future and it is the present that should be taken seriously. Remember what Jim Rohn once said – “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time.” In the race for more money, we forget that we’re losing out on more time. If the present is gone, it won’t come back. Ever! So, to be successful in your business ventures, remember to invest in time rather than money.

Dean Kosage is someone who considers time to be a precious commodity. Dean created several companies that utilized gamification. These companies such as Zooplr Inc., were designed to helps individuals attain success in their personal lives. Dean made this his mission because as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur his bottom line was to help people rule their present moments. Gamification focuses and rewards individuals on completing tasks. This concept developed into a mobile app gave him a practical technology to role out a complex methodology that would prove to reach and benefit millions.

For someone like Dean, time holds a special significance in his life. He believes that in an individual’s life, there will be good times and then there will be bad times. It is during those bad times that a person's true nature will come out. If, as a leader, you can hold your ground and face it, you will come out as a winner.

Time waits for none and no matter how big a leader you might be, you will still have to abide by the same rules. Procrastination is often a problem with young leaders. They get to consumed with the thinking part that they forget to take action. Sometimes in businesses an action is required before the thinking process is complete. End of the day no-one can ever be 100% sure that a technique will work unless it is put to the test.

“Now” is the only time that you have in your hands and to make the most of it you must act. If you’re afraid of the risks involved, then remember Zig Ziglar’s quote “Now's the best time you'll ever have in life to get ahead!”. Even the world’s biggest leaders have taken risk whenever it has been required to do so. Dean Kosage did not make a name for himself by sitting at one place. He took action at the right time and his success is proof of why “now” is so important. If you read his life rule’s, you will realize the risks he has taken to reach where he is now.

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