One mantra to be a successful entrepreneur and a parent: make and follow a comprehensive plan. Juggling family responsibilities and work is challenging.There are times when you wish there were more hours to the day.

“The best way to raise positive children in a negative world is to have positive parents who love them unconditionally and serve as excellent role models” Zig Ziglar

Power of Delegation

Successful leaders are master of delegating tasks. Take for example Dean Kosage: owner of Zooplr Inc., who grows from strength to strength with every passing year.  A single pair of hands cannot get everything done. An important role of an entrepreneur is to lead their team to success. There are many tips and hacks that are highly useful in segregating work for family and work


●      Provide guidelines and instructions:  Only when the concept of the task is clear in your head can you explain it to your team. When the guidelines are firm, the staff has a better understanding of what is expected from them. There is lesser room for error. By doing so, the output always remains standardized and as expected. Deadlines must be made as clear as possible.


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”Jim Rohn


●      Practice HVAs: Each individual handles task according to their latent strengths and weaknesses. It is the duty of the entrepreneur to identify the forte of each staff member. This helps in the creation of a list of weakness and strength. Also, it simplifies the task of work delegation. Output of the task is also enhanced because the member in-charge is experienced or has the required skill for completion of the same, explains Dean Kosage.

●      Trust: As an entrepreneur, you may face situations when you complete a task owing to the fear of delegating information which you feel is sensitive. A good team is built not by skill but by trust. You can start small by handing out small tasks and increase the load as you start to gain trust.

●      Make a routine and follow it: Don’t give yourself too much spare time. Chart out a routine which leaves you with as little time as possible. Work does not get done at leisure, but at an exhaustive pace. Plans created must be structured to fit a day’s work. Ideally, you must have a long term plan, short monthly goals and daily deadlines. If work meetings are important, family gathering or your child’s recital, demands the same attention. Mark all important events in a calendar. Always have a backup plan in case of emergency. Split each working day into productive hours. Take frequent small breaks, refresh and get back to work.

●      De-stress: proven antidote to stress is humor. Don’t take yourself seriously; always find time for personal entertainment. This could be as simple as looking at funny videos online or more elaborately planned adventures like getting away and partisipate in a hobby you love. For Dean Kosage one of his personal favorite de-stressing activities is surfing.


Be spontaneous, drop the inhibitions and go out and conquer the world!


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