There are many things in life which can motivate and transform you. However, the best of the lot is failure. Failure is one thing which can make you or break you, but it will surely test your character and those that survive the pitfalls end up becoming an inspiration for others. There are more than a few examples which can be talked about and most of them are very inspirational. However, here we will talk about a man who has taken failure and turned it into something beautiful.

Dean Kosage, founder of Zooplr Inc., is a self-made man who has faced failures since childhood. After going through a childhood riddled with hardship, Dean found himself on the receiving end of a bad divorce. A marriage which did not last very long had a tremendous impact on Dean’s life. He was left with a child and he knew it was going to be tough living the life as a single parent. One of the world’s best salesman in the world, Zig Ziglar has said that “Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker.” This is probably the lesson which Dean took to his heart. He could have quit and allowed failure to take over his life but he didn’t. Instead he turned it around by becoming a big entrepreneur and the author of several motivational books.You can go through his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos to realize how inspiring his words are. Today, he is an inspiration for all and the way he transformed his life through failure, you should do it too.

The thing about failure is that it will make you realize your weaknesses. In every sphere of life, playing according to the strength’s is important but it is more important to know one’s weakness. As a leader, you will be put to the test and you cannot risk exposing your weakness to the world. Instead, learn from it and use it to become better.

Also, another important thing about failure which Jim Rohne rightly puts is that “Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don't fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day”. Correcting those small judgements which play a huge role in the overall picture, can result in major changes in your life. Often, failure is followed by demotivation which can lead to more failure. Remember that you are the leader and you should be in control of your life no matter what. Like Dean Kosage and his willpower to turn things around, your life should be the same too.

Failure will pull you down and demotivate you but remember that the night is often the darkest before sunrise. After every failure, there is success and that should be your goal. Dean Kosage has turned his life from a bad childhood and a failed marriage to something grand because he learned from his mistakes. You have the power to change things and that power is in your hands. So, don’t let failure take the best out of you. Instead, make the best from those failures.

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