Many careers may lead to wealth, but few industries offer the option of passive income. It is so unusual most individuals do not even comprehend the term, or they think it is a luxury reserved for the super wealthy who can afford to buy rental properties or have some other investment that will create a monthly income without much effort.

Passive income by definition is the concept of money that and individual continues to get paid for an extensive period, even after they continue to end any substantial work.

The majority of the population in the world dream of working for a period of time with the hope to retire before they get too old to enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, for most people, this remains just that a Dream!

The direct sales industry offers the unique possibility of passive income. Successful entrepreneurs in Network Marketing do a lot of work at the beginning of their careers to establish the prime of the revenue producing systems in their business, but eventually, they reach a point where the passive income stream is activated. At this time they can theoretically stop or reduce working on this income stream, and it would continue to produce without any elaborate daily effort. 

The Direct selling industry is one of the few business options that levels the playing field for the average individual armed with only determination, and a massive work ethic. It doesn't require extensive formal education or an entitled birthright. An Average person can create passive income and essentially have the option to retire early. Mr. Dean Kosage began his professional life in the direct sales industry from his efforts he was able to develop a passive income. This income has allowed him to pursue multiple passions and other businesses today.

Dean attributes his success to the "edge" that this passive income gave him in his life. This income allowed him time to spend raising his daughter, allowed him time to research other interest and industries that he was later able to pursue. There is a lot of freedom that comes with not having to work every day, and this was his vantage point he was able to leverage to create his success.

Dean Kosage says "no matter what business they are currently in if they can just focus and find that edge they can prop themselves into a position of advantage above the average situation." That "edge" is a little moment of momentum, a tool that someone with determination and drive will use to catalyze their success.

What is your edge? Pay attention and find it!