An emerging trend is something that is a new idea that happens to quickly become popular. If you pay attention in life, you can catch at least one of these and be apart of the movement that benefits financially from educating others on the topic. For example, social media was an emerging trend in early 2000’s the individuals who happen to take the time to educate themselves on comprehending it in its infancy are the people who ended up being the seemingly overnight successes in this field.

Anyone that is successful knows that there is no such thing as an "overnight success" and no such thing as luck but more about timing and being ready to move.

Behind every success, there is a path of failures that the successful individual did not allow to become obstacles. On the road of accomplishment, there are many risks involved. Being able to assess and adapt is an essential skill of any successful entrepreneur. Embracing uncertainty is something that international business professional and personal development coach Dean Kosage suggests for anyone who wants to be successful. He says they first step to preparing for success is to stop being "certainty freaks." This need for certainty will block you from being open and in the correct timing for the actions needed to advance.

Dean Kosage began in the direct sales industry but didn't limit his growth to being a top distributor in his company, neither did he stop at being the international lead speaker for his organization. He took these experiences and allowed them to train him to the next level of his business career.

From his international business speaking and training, he transitioned into being a professional motivational speaker. Even after establishing himself as a sought after the success in this industry he continued to push himself to continue to grow, and he went on to found Zooplr Inc., Dean is today a leading contender in the mobile app industry.

Being comfortable being uncomfortable is the true embodiment of giving up on being a "certainty freak."   Dean emphasizes "You got to be excited about walking into the world of the unknown." Just like Babe Ruth said: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” If you are committed to growth, you will always be an early adapter on an emerging trend, and this is the best way to ensure your success.

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