No one prepares you for parenthood or warns you about the frequent bouts of self-doubt that creep in. Having a partner to share the responsibility makes the task seem manageable, but when you are given the sole responsibility of raising a child, building your life back is difficult. Dean Kosage, the CEO of Zooplr Inc. knows what it takes to lay the foundation as a single parent.


Challenge yourself to become a unique masterpiece If you can dream it, you can make it.” ~ Dean Kosage


Set goals and think of it in terms of what you’re familiar with and tackle the problem accordingly.


Set Up a Support Team

Dean Kosage, the brain behind connective app Zooplr, understands the importance of setting up a support team. Even batman needs a robin, so will you. It will get overwhelming, but most of times there is a lot of good sprinkled among the despair.


Build a Family Routine

A child’s age does matter, although it may be hard to bring in rules and expecting your teen to follow them, creating a family routine has many benefits. Talking to your children is important. You need to communicate with them, not talk at them.


"If you talk to your children, you can help them to keep their lives together. If you talk to them skillfully, you can help them to build future dreams." Jim Rohn


Reshaping Priorities

Everything will need some adjusting, starting from your daily routine to what seems to be healthy dinner choices. Being a single parent makes it harder because now instead of sharing responsibilities, you are burdened with it alone. Being realistic is what comes to your rescue now. The best advice for a single parent is to set their expectations low. This allows you to take a well-deserved break every now and then. Setting realistic expectations also drives out the need to overcompensate. Parents need to understand that during a separation they are facing the raw deal, first hand.


Setting Goals For Yourself


"What we demand from our children, we must demand of ourselves. There must be a standard by which we live - and, as parents, we must set it and live it."Jim Rohn


Children see, children learn. Parents have a sacred responsibility of setting the right example for their children. Setting goals may seem impossible while you’re in the middle of a separation, but only these will get you through the coming months. On completing every milestone, pamper yourself. Milestones can be as simple as reading before bed or looking for better opportunities in another state.


Let Go of the Past

If you keep looking back, you will never know where you’re going. If Dean Kosage hadn’t let go of his past, he wouldn’t grow to be the successful entrepreneur that he is today. His global fame makes him the most sought out motivation speaker. Watch the video here to see the reaction his entry onto the stage stirs. 


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