Everyone has the potential to make something worthy of their lives. While the definition of success varies from person to person, having the support of a mentor helps greatly in defining and tailoring one’s goals to become more attainable, whether they be personal or professional. Finding a trustworthy, experienced, and successful mentor can be easier said than done however. Many of us turn to an authority figure earlier in life, such as a parent, family friend, or teacher.

And yet, it is just as important to cultivate a strong sense of inner authority, which allows one to discern from different pieces of advice and ultimately follow one’s own conviction. The right mentor does not want a dependent; leading the mentee step by step but instead wants to help lay out the right path. Dean Kosage is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who cites being mentored through college as a contributing factor to his success. Despite an unusual and somewhat unsettled upbringing living on boats off the coast of Florida, his adulthood has gone in the opposite direction. He has grown to become a renowned individual, receiving recognition for juggling his successful professional endeavours in conjunction with his personal life as a single father. For Dean Kosage, the true measure of success is helping others achieve their goals, and he has now helped thousands of other budding entrepreneurs learn about business from a young age.

Having contributed his professional advice to the bestseller Defining Moments of Courage and his personal experiences as a single father to the book If I Were Your Daddy, Kosage is proof that mentorship does not exist solely in the professional sphere. A mentor is someone who instils confidence; someone who listens and encourages growth. Becoming a parent, especially a single parent, is no easy feat and especially  without the trusted guidance of a person who has done it before. While many are triumphantly independent, sometimes the small act of reaching out for advice can go a long way.

For Dean Kosage, making his mark in the tech industry has been his most recent success but he cites helping others in providing mentorship as one of the most rewarding of his responsibilities.

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