While most people endure hard times at some point in their life, those who have been able to overcome difficulties are the one’s who have learned and come out stronger from it. Learning from tough times means employing the experience as a force for good in the world. The media continuously showcases the lives of celebrities, athletes, and other high powered individuals who have built a name for themselves coming from nothing; people who have turned their disadvantages into motivators and eventually become successful.

Dean Kosage, a renowned motivational speaker and all-round professional calls this getting out of survival mode and entering success mode. It is not something exclusive to the elite and famous; it applies to everyone. Using Dean Kosage, unstoppable success even in the face of adversity as an example, prosperity presents itself as more attainable. While Dean was recently commended by Cambridge Who’s Who for his dedication and excellence in the field of motivational speaking, his trajectory to success wasn’t all smooth sailing. After an impulsive marriage that ended with early divorce, he became a single parent but continued to work hard and still make a name for himself at the company he was based with.

Instead of dwelling on past issues, it is important to break out of negativity and use hard times as a motivator. Ambition and determination are essential in the drive toward that success, and it is important for people to set themselves goals in order to overcome the challenges that life will throw at them. For many though, a feeling of being stuck pervades, and without an inspirational success story to follow, it is easy to succumb to the downward spiral.

For Dean Kosage, creating a vision and making decisions is the first step towards making change in a positive direction. By cultivating strong inner strength, people can embrace hard times and come out successful. In leading by example, Dean has helped motivate thousands to make positive changes in their lives.

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