There is one thing that high achievers across industries have in common, and it is not just ambition. In areas of sport, business, or academia, people who have achieved success have each cultivated an inner authority that gives them courage. Their success is proof that they are willing to go over and above average in their pursuits. By breaking out of the mold and embracing challenges people are naturally more adaptable to any given situation. This cultivates what is called inner authority. Their inner authority gives them the courage to find innovative solutions and promote themselves as useful within a range of contexts. Cultivating this from an early age sets any individual up to success at their endeavors within their professional and personal lives.

Successful entrepreneurs are the pinnacle example of individuals who have broken barriers and expanded horizons. This is usually because they have throughout their life and career embraced difficulties and adapted to new challenges constructively by using an inner authority instead of depending on received ideas. This is certainly something true about Dean Kosage, who grew up off the grid and has used these experiences to grow his career from success to success. He contributed to the bestselling ‘Defining Moments of Courage’, a collection of tales from entrepreneurs, parents, and successful business individuals alike that seek to inspire and invigorate people around the world.

Having an inner authority critically means being able to independently analyze what value any outer authority will bring to decision making, instead of depending on a preordained route. Many look to religious texts, their parents, their managers, for advice instead of relying on their own abilities. Being able to trust your own opinion is invaluable. It means being able to make quick and effective action, highly beneficial to those who work in a competitive, corporate world, or athletes whose success depends on quick, tactical thinking, or even parents who want to be the provide the best care possible for their children.

Dean Kosage, on here, knew from an early age that he was ambitious. Having grown up on boats and being raised essentially ‘off grid’ he gained a unique insight into adult life, and his curiosity has lead to a career in making a difference as an entrepreneur, and as a parent.