Self-help books have long been a go-to for people seeking guidance and motivation to improve themselves and reach their goals. This is logical, as many find it difficult to effect change without inspiration from others. And although shelves are loaded with different manuals on how to better ourselves, there is often little proof that they will actually help us achieve the desired result. A far better option is to look to people who have been in our shoes, and carried through with success. Reading about the paths they took, how they achieved their goals and how this can be applied to your own situation is highly effective.

Luckily, some of those who have found success in their personal or professional lives have shared their knowledge and experiences with others. As a successful businessman, single father, and motivational speaker, for Dean Kosage, the true measure of success is helping others achieve their goals. After achieving career prestige at an early age, he then focused his efforts on passing on his experiences to others, helping them get out of what he calls “survival mode” and into “success mode”. His alternative upbringing has afforded him a unique ability to read people, and appreciate different perspectives on life.

Dean Kosage is also a contributor to the bestselling book, Defining Moments of Courage, a collection of stories from a range of individuals who have achieved success in their lives. This compilation showcases the various paths and possibilities open to people who want to expand their horizons and shoot for higher goals in life. Books like these, together with concepts such as Chicken Soup books, are appealing in that they offer real life examples of inspirational people who have achieved seemingly attainable targets.

Among all these stories there is proof that the right mindset has to come from within. While self help books may help, as their name entails, they will not work as effectively as learning by doing, and from what others have tried and succeeded in before. For Dean Kosage, making his mark in the tech industry was an outstanding achievement, but he has also been commended as a single father and motivational speaker by Cambridge Who’s Who, making him an exemplary figure to other working single parents, entrepreneurs and businessmen.

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