Dean Kosage is an extremely accomplished entrepreneur, businessman, and keynote speaker, who has demonstrated throughout his career that big ideas matter. Big ideas are the seeds of change, which take root in the mind of a single person, and gradually grow and infiltrate the minds of fellow intellectuals and philanthropists to become realities. But without that first person having the open-mindedness and innovation to nurture and distribute that initial notion, taking an idea from concept to viability would not be possible.

Dean Kosage is that first person. Since he was just a teenager owning his own restaurant, Kosage has been aware of the far-reaching impact that strong leadership and big ideas can have on changing the course of one’s life. Kosage’s childhood was far from ordinary, growing up in Florida with a mother and stepfather who got by living on the outskirts of society. Becoming a highly accomplished business mogul was an unprecedented achievement for a young Kosage, and yet that is exactly what he did. Through his own personal determination and the mentorship of others, Kosage found his place in the field of network marketing, becoming one of the most successful individuals to work at Amway, the world’s largest MLM company.

Dean kosage
Dean kosage

Dean Kosage’s career was moving in the right direction at Amway. However, his life took a drastic turn when he married, divorced, and had a child with a woman he had had a very brief relationship with. Suddenly, Kosage was not just a young network marketing tycoon on a path to professional greatness – he was also a single father. Becoming a father can be a challenging adjustment for anyone, but it is especially difficult when you are a full time businessman. For many, this would have signaled the end of a long and lucrative career; but for Kosage, it was only the beginning.

Using Personal Challenges as a Way to Inspire

Instead of looking at his divorce and fatherhood as an impediment to his career, Dean Kosage decided to use it as a way to inspire others who had been or were going through the same experience. Even after his divorce, Kosage continued to climb the corporate ladder at Amway, eventually becoming an Executive Diamond. He began traveling around the world, speaking to other single parents about rebuilding their lives after divorce, and even publishing a book called “Defining Moments of Courage,” a collection of inspirational stories from all walks of life that shows the world of possibilities available to all, and how to work up the courage you need to pursue your dreams.