Travel is one of the most important things that any individual can do for their personal and professional life. There are certain skills, lessons, and experiences that can only be gained from moving to a place and environment that is vastly different from what you are used to. Many people only find their true source of inner strength when they are in a city without a single friend or family member and they find themselves in a difficult situation. For professionals, traveling is important because it broadens our horizons and teaches us things about the business practices and industries that are shaping our world and the lives of the people in different communities.

Dean Kosage described some of his travel experience in his video An Evening with Dean Kosage (video on Dailymotion). In this video he describes how he traveled around the world as a public speaker, sharing his professional experiences with audiences across the globe. As a professional motivational speaker, life coach, author, and entrepreneur, he has built a career for himself out of motivating others to pursue their personal and professional goals. In a recent interview with the Unmistakable Creative, a podcast that profiles outstanding professionals and interesting individuals, Dean Kosage says, “anybody who has achieved in sports or achieved globally realizes that there is a whole world out there. The people I related to the most were people who lived extraordinary lives or people who had experienced the world and were cultured.”

He found early success in his life because of his professional ambitions and unique ability to network with people from all walks of life. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder after graduating in direct sales and marketing. At an early age, he was receiving awards and recognition for his accomplishments as being in the top .0002% of sales representatives in the largest direct sales company in the world.

For Dean Kosage, the true measure of success is helping others achieve their goals. That is why he realized that he was outgrowing the culture of his previous company and decided to start helping others with their careers. He founded a professional life coaching company called KMI, later rebranded to Freestyle. Over twenty-three years, he helped more than 2 million aspiring entrepreneurs from more than twenty-eight countries gain access to the resources and skills that they needed to find success in their professional lives but could not gain through traditional schooling.

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