It is important in life to surround ourselves with individuals who push us to find success and achieve our full potential. This is equally important in our personal and professional lives, but not everyone has the opportunity to find mentors and close friends who can play this role. For Dean Kosage, this was true, having come from a turbulent family life and struggle through a difficult divorce. However, his determination to overcome challenges and the eventual success he found in doing so has inspired him to share his story through his book, Defining Moments of Courage.

For Dean Kosage, publishing inspiration was a means of reaching the widest possible audience with his story. His book, Defining Moments of Courage, is a collection of stories from successful business professionals who share their sources of inspiration and determination. The goal of Defining Moments of Courage is to provide individuals around the world with stories of inspirational professionals. In doing so, Dean Kosage hopes that he can spread positivity and ambition throughout the world for those who lack direct role models in their personal and professional lives. This has created a global movement of professional life coaching that Dean Kosage has become the leader of. His work as a professional life coach has motivated thousands of individuals around the world to pursue their dreams in the face of great adversity.

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