Artist, author, and entrepreneur, About Dean Kosage is the perfect example of what can be accomplished by diversifying your skill set and taking advantage of every opportunity given to you. Having started in direct sales and marketing, it was clear right away that Dean Kosage had a knack for professional networking and sales. This led to him quickly climbing the ladder with Amway. However, he had to distance himself from Amway because the company was having problems managing their brand. Realizing that he had outgrown the company, Dean Kosage decided to move on to better things, a decision that changed his life for the better.

He entered the business world on his own and inspired by his own success. He founded his own professional life coaching business to help other entrepreneurs called KMI. Over twenty-three years, he inspired more than two million athletes, actors, singers, and other entrepreneurs, helping them get the knowledge and resources necessary to find success in their own careers. His professional life has been built on helping others find success. Because of his early career, Dean Kosage knew that he could help business in general by inspiring others with his story of success.