It has long been believed that there are two types of intelligence; that gained from experience and the other from studying. While most people cumulatively acquire knowledge from both sides of the spectrum, being ‘street smart’ often does not come so easily to those who are more academically inclined, and vice versa. While achieving good grades and strong qualifications will certainly be valuable for one’s professional life, it is just as important to cultivate social skills. These are indispensable for learning how to get along with co-workers, adapting to new situations, making friends and  romantic partners.

Forbes recently released research proving that although a person could certainly earn money from being book smart, people who earned higher salaries and who did better as business owners were also very in tune with understanding people. Highly regarded businessman Dean Kosage, official profile on AngelList, had an unusual and somewhat unsettled upbringing, living on boats off the coast of Florida. He cites his childhood as being not too dissimilar to the kind of life that was depicted in the hit show Miami Vice, but has worked his way up the corporate ladder to become a successful businessman, motivational speaker and single father, receiving awards for his endeavours along the way. It is his belief that his unique upbringing allowed him to develop a shrewd, streetwise perception of society that gave him the drive to reach his goals, despite encountering setbacks.

This estimation clearly brings out creative thinking also. Dean Kosage has always sought to provide unique products and services to his clients, and has actually patented an innovative dynamic directory and content communication system. The type of people who are able to think outside the box and profit from intelligence acquired by experience are the ones who are able to better think on their feet. In business, this can be vital in terms of securing deals, handling clients, and recognizing how to perform in certain social situations. These people are usually also self-made; not having had a family to support their endeavours.

Dean Kosage believes that we are all products of our own environment. People can either become victims of their experiences, or they can utilize them as catalysts to effect positive change. That is what being street smart entails, and what helps people get ahead in life. Look up Dean Kosage - Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress for further inspiration.

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