There is an art to influencing others. It is not about manipulating people into doing what you want, it is about inspiring them to share the same idea, the same vision, of success that motivates you and your work. Luckily, the rise of technology and its pervasiveness in our daily lives has allowed business and industry leaders to connect with individuals around the world, regardless of location and time. This has made it possible for those with inspirational stories and skillsets to get their message out there to people around the world.

For Dean Kosage, publishing inspiration was the motivation for founding his company, Defining Moments Publishing. Defining Moments Publishing focuses on printing inspiring stories of incredible individuals. Their Amazon #1 Bestselling book, Defining Moments of Courage profiles successful individuals from around the world and from all walks of life. They share their sorties of success and the key moments in their life that shaped their professional careers. As a tool for influencing others and starting a global movement, books such as Defining Moments of Courage allow professionals like Dean Kosage to inspire millions of people with his messages of motivation and professional success.