One thing that Dean Kosage has learned throughout his impressive career in business is thatbig ideas matter. But in order to take big ideas from concept to reality, entrepreneurs must possess one key characteristic: leadership skills. Leadership is the catalyst that brings all the other elements of business together; without it, production and innovation would be impossible. Good business leaders are in tune with the needs of their company and their employees, as well as the target audience they are trying to reach. But leadership is not only about guiding others – it’s about being able to make decisions that are beneficial to one’s own path, no matter how difficult those decisions might be.

An Expert in Making Difficult Decisions

Making difficult decisions is something that Dean Kosage has had to do his entire life. Growing up in Florida, Kosage had an unconventional childhood, raised on boats by a mother and stepfather who lived on the outskirts of traditional society. When he was only a teenager, Kosage and his brother moved away from their parents and opened a restaurant, thus becoming young, independent, and self-reliant entrepreneurs. As a business owner, Kosage quickly realized his innate ability to be a leader, which he cultivated over time. Unlike other young people his age, Kosage developed a deep sense of understanding for how the world actually worked, instead of being brainwashed by the system into becoming another cog in the nine-to-five corporate wheel.

Dean Kosage
Dean Kosage

Dean Kosage was moving in the right direction, eventually entering the field of network marketing through Amway and quickly becoming one of the most successful multi-level marketing (MLM) leaders in one of the world’s largest MLM companies. In the .0002 percent of all MLM leaders, Kosage’s aptitude for the business was impressively apparent. But eventually his tireless ambition and unique sense of independence caused Kosage to come to a crossroads with Amway. After rising to the top, Dean Kosage realized that he had climbed the ladder of a very old school system that was too controlling and conservative for someone who had been raised to value creativity, freedom, and flexibility.

Finally, Dean Kosage made the difficult decision to leave Amway and step into a new life and career. Because of Amway’s inability to properly manage their brand or deal with online haters, Kosage has been the target of cyber bullies. But like all artists, Kosage is resilient, and has managed to successfully persevere through these challenges to continue his professional legacy.