The Unmistakable Creative is a podcast that focuses on interviewing unique individuals and leaders in their industries, profiling all types of professionals, from graffiti artists and entrepreneurs, to authors and artists. Recently, Chief Creative Investigator and Host Srini Rao interviewed entrepreneur and tech expert Dean Kosage. The interview looked primarily at Kosage’s early life and how growing up in an alternative lifestyle was the motivation he needed to pursue his entrepreneurial career.

If you were to look at Dean Kosage videos on YouTube, you would consider him a normal, albeit highly successful entrepreneur. He found early success through direct sales and marketing before becoming a professional life coach and branching out into the tech industry. His childhood was far from conventional or linear however. He grew up on boats off the coast of Florida and was raised by his single mother whose means of generating income was sometimes dubious. Dean says this alternative childhood was a huge motivating force behind him wanting to become a professional businessman later on in life: “When you are a product of your environment, you are driven one of two ways, you become it or you completely rebel against it”. Speaking about his mother’s means of supporting them during his formative years, he says: “those things can either trap you and you become a victim, or they inspire you to move on.” Needless to say, for Kosage, his somewhat uprooted upbringing proved to be an inspiration for moving onwards and upwards in life.

Dean also relates the story of one day meeting some young successful businessmen; the inspiration he received from them, and then sharing this encounter with his friends at the time. Rather than being supportive of his newfound motivation to pursue an ambitious career, his friends laughed at how seriously he took it. It was at this moment that Dean realized that the people he was surrounding himself with were not heading in the same direction in life. “They weren’t bad people” he said, comparing their paths to a bus heading to Canada, “I just realized I didn't want to go to Canada and that I needed to get on a different bus.”

The secret to Dean Kosage’s success was changing his environment, people included. He soon realized that by shaping his company and surroundings, he was positively affecting the course of his future success.

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