You can tell a lot about a person from whom they choose to spend their time with. Of course, many people choose their friends based on common interests; artists tend to spend time with more artistic people; athletes tend to spend time with more athletic people However, when one makes a conscious decision to surround themselves with individuals who are an inspiration to them, and not just someone who shares common interests, the result is that we are more likely to accomplish the goals that we have set out for ourselves. If you want to make changes in your professional life, it is important to surround yourself with individuals who are also climbing the corporate ladder and earning more money than you.

For Dean Kosage (videos on YouTube), finding success in his professional life meant breaking free from certain social circles and surrounding himself with individuals who inspired him to greatness. As a kid, he grew up being raised by his single mother in Florida. He was raised living on boats and didn’t even attend a traditional school until he was a teenager. His mother made a living outside the law by smuggling drugs into the country. However, as Dean Kosage said in a recent interview with the Unmistakable Creative, “when you are a product of your environment you are driven one of two ways, either you become it or completely rebel against it.” He realized that the lives of the people around him were not something that he wanted for his future, saying “I was always drawn to the people I felt were more kind and used their power for good.”

He spent much of his time distancing himself from that period and building a new life for himself. “I was always drawn to the people I felt were more kind and used their power for good. The people I related to the most were people who lived extraordinary lives.” He also told the story of being in the gym and noticing a group of young and accomplished-looking professionals. After speaking with them, he shared the story of this experience with his friends at the time and was surprised by their reaction. Rather than being receptive to his newfound desire to pursue professional success, his friends didn’t understand.

For Dean Kosage (official account on Twitter) pursuing his career meant leaving these people behind and he advises “upgrading your friends if they don’t want to move on with you.”

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