One of the most important skills needed to achieve success is creativity. Entrepreneurs like Dean Kosage have become experts at channeling creativity through business, demonstrating how the need for creative problem-solving has become integral in the corporate sphere. Part of this is because creativity goes hand in hand with innovation, which is at the heart of all entrepreneurial endeavors. Creativity is the ability to produce new and unique ideas, while innovation is the ability to implement these ideas.

Dean Kosage
Dean Kosage

Through his power to harness both of these essential skills, Dean Kosage has shown the world the importance of looking at business from a different perspective that isn’t restricted by rules, or written and unwritten norms. Kosage’s career began at Amway, one of the largest multi-level marketing (MLM) companies in the world. Here, Kosage effectively used creative solutions to quickly rise up the ranks of the company, all the way to Executive Diamond. Dean Kosage also became internationally renowned for his motivational speaking, which he eventually turned into a successful coaching company, KMI (later re branded Freestyle).

Protecting Creativity

However, Dean Kosage knows that being a creative business person also has an important legal side. Throughout history, governments have awarded patents to inventors and artists to protect the integrity of their discoveries and innovations. Overall, a patent encourages both economic growth, as well as the dissemination of ideas, as it gives the person who developed a particular idea or product the right to teach that information to others. In the United States, the Utility Patent is granted to an idea or invention for certain things deemed beneficial to society: originality, as well as practical and beneficial utility. The patent protects what is called “intellectual property,” or a work or invention that is the result of creativity.

Currently, inventor Dean Kosage holds a key patent for “dynamic directory and content communication.” Features of this dynamic directory and content communication include bidirectionally-optimized searches for users and/or content. For instance, a type of message that may be associated with a contact is a private descriptor identifying how the users wish to identify the contact; however, other users of the system will not see this tag. The user can also utilize global or public descriptors, which may be associated with the contact. By obtaining this patent, Dean Kosage has exhibited his respect for the creative process.