In any endeavor, motivation can emerge to help you realize and accomplish your dreams, only to suddenly disappear when you need it most. This is especially true for entrepreneurs likeDean Kosage, for whom defying the oddsis practically second nature. The continuous struggle involved in bringing a single idea or product to the market can be an exhausting and arduous task, and rekindling the passion and dedication that initiated the idea can seem almost impossible. This is why it’s important for entrepreneurs to engage with those who have supported or helped them in the past, such as trusted partners or friends, or to find new sources of motivation with the help of experts and motivational speakers.

Getting the Most out of Difficult Situations

Personal growth and development has always been a primary focus of Dean Kosage’s personal and professional life, especially after dealing with the devastating aftermath of a divorce. But instead of retreating from the hard work and stress of a successful career, Kosage worked even harder as an entrepreneur and single father. Already an established network marketing expert at Amway, one of the largest multi-level marketing (MLM) companies in the world, Kosage’s experience during his divorce opened his eyes to a world of other single fathers and divorcees who had been through similar experiences, but who were struggling to reorient their lives in a positive direction. Always someone who has been skilled at reaching out and connecting with people, Dean Kosage decided to use his personal experience to help others get their lives back on track.

Dean Kosage
Dean Kosage

For Dean Kosage, helping others is a reward within itself. Kosage’s commitment to his career and family life is one of the many reasons he was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in all aspects of motivational consulting. Cambridge Who’s Who is the fastest-growing publisher of executive, professional, and entrepreneur biographies in the world today. The organization’s mission is to give professional credit to those who deserve it, specifically to those who display the competitive edge and business leadership skills needed to be successful in today’s corporate world.

The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry provides a detailed compilation of biographies that highlight members’ expertise, achievements, affiliations, and education. This creates an expansive networking web of professionals who can assist young entrepreneurs with job recruitment, career enhancement, and new business development. In addition to his own success, Kosage has always made helping others become successful a major priority. No matter what your dreams are, Dean Kosage wants to motivate and inspire you.