The Beatles famously sang “We all want to change the world,” but how does one individual actually take an idea and transform it into a global movement? Dean Kosage has long been inspiring courage and success in the world of business, traveling all over the globe giving keynote speeches about how to reorient your life after going through something difficult, such as divorce or becoming a single father. But how is it that Kosage has been able to take a single idea and experience and turn it into a global movement? Many people have been through a divorce and become single fathers, and yet way fewer have been able to take these experiences and turn them into courage and motivation.

In today’s fast-paced and individualistic world, we seldom take the time to slow down and look around us. We often overlook our community of fellow men and women who, like us, have a voice they want to express, but not a safe space to communicate it. Cultivating dialogues and connections between strangers is something that Dean Kosage has been accomplishing for years as a motivational speaker, and if there’s one thing he’s learned along his journey, it’s that we are all much more similar than we are different.

Facing Challenges Together

The first step to creating a global movement is to find an idea that strikes a chord with people. For Dean Kosage, this idea was finding success through adversity. Everyone has experienced a setback or obstacle that at first seemed impossible to overcome, which is why Kosage’s story resonates so deeply with people from all walks of life. When he first recovered from his divorce and decided to reenter business, Dean Kosage said he was a bit concerned about how others’ perceptions of him would change now that he was a divorcee and single dad. Yet, he discovered that people were actually even more drawn to him, having been inspired by his perseverance and ambition, and respecting his decision to pursue his career while also being the best father possible.

Dean Kosage
Dean Kosage

This experience taught Dean Kosage one of the most important lessons about creating a global movement: letting go of labels. Instead of defining himself as a single father or divorcee, Kosage took on the identity of a man who, like everyone else, had faced challenges and worked hard to overcome them. Of course his specific experiences have been integral to his success, but by positioning these experiences within an overarching narrative of finding the courage to not give up, Kosage’s story has had the power to inspire millions around the world.

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