Dean Kosage is the kind of man for whom defying the odds has become second nature; a task that was never more clear than when he became a young, single father while working at Amway, one of the largest MLM companies in the world. Becoming a father is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging experiences a man can have. Taking on the responsibility for the care of another life can be an exciting prospect, but it also brings along with it a lot of practical considerations, worries, and questions. This is even truer when you are starting out into this uncharted territory on your own. Kosage’s story is one that pays homage to fathers all over the world who work hard to give their kids what they need and deserve.

When Dean Kosage was just in his early twenties, his natural talent for the network marketing industry was quickly leading him to become one of the most successful players at Amway, becoming the fastest and youngest IBO to achieve the Pearl Level. However, Kosage’s life took a brief detour when he married and subsequently divorced a woman he had only known for six months, leaving him not only with the financial and emotional stress of being a divorcee, but also as a single father to his only child, Teagan.

Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

As someone who has always found success through adversity, Dean Kosage chose to do the seemingly impossible: be the best single father he could possibly be, while simultaneously pursuing his career in network marketing and undertaking an array of entrepreneurial endeavors. In today’s world, many successful men, especially entrepreneurs, have terrible relationships with their children because of the time demand that their jobs require. Finding a work life balance can be extremely difficult, so many choose to focus on their work, substituting an authentic relationship with their kids with the material possessions that having a high-paying job makes possible.

Teagan back yard corona
Teagan back yard corona

Dean Kosage is the rare exception. While it is true that he works hard to give Teagan the best that the world has to offer, such as the limousine he recently bought for the two of them to ride around in together, Kosage believes that no amount of toys or number of cars can replace the special bond between a father and his daughter. Though he has enjoyed an astounding level of success in the business world, Teagan will always be Kosage’s first priority – you just can’t put a price family.