The Beginnings

Dean Kosage began his career at Amway, which is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. MLM is a strategy that incentivizes a company’s distributors to constantly recruit other distributors. They do this by paying the initial distributors a percentage of the sales the distributors they recruit make. This strategy has been successful in many different companies.

From a Divorce to Success

Dean Kosage continues defying the odds with his entrepreneurial success.  He was in the top .002% of all MLM leaders in the largest MLM in the world, according to Amway Statistics. In only two years, Dean rose to the Executive level, then only a few years later, made it to the Executive Diamond level.

Dean’s divorce left him as a single parent. However, Dean was determined to find a balance between family and work, without sacrificing quality time with his daughter or the quality of his work.

Dean Kosage learned that to help others is a reward within itself, which he discovered while working in motivational speaking and life coaching. Dean’s goal with the founding of Kosage Motivation Inc. was to share his story to help people understand that even when things get difficult you can still take control of your life and make a positive change. Dean went on to share his life experience in two different books called If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You'd Learn: 35 Fathers Share the Most Important Gifts They Gave Their Children, and Defining Moments of Courage: Passing the Torch to the Current Generation of Emerging Authors.