There is no doubt that the world of entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You have to be ambitious, serious, well connected, and maybe even a little crazy to think you can enter the business world on your own and find success. But it can be done. The key is to establish extensive professional networks and relationships in order to learn from others, gain new experiences, and take stock of what resources you have at your disposal. Luckily, this is easier than ever in our technologically dependent world. There are a variety of digital resources for budding entrepreneurs and one of the best means of getting these resources is through our mobile devices.

Dean Kosage, Chief Executive Officer of Zooplr Inc. and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, created his company in order to bring together like-minded professionals. Zooplr brings together chat, blogging, and eLearning to help build communities of young entrepreneurs. Apps like Evernote and Letterspace make it possible to keep track of huge amounts of information on the go by syncing your mobile device with online platforms and categorizing information using tags. There is even a sort of virtual secretary resource with LISTEN, an app that automatically responds with SMS messages when you cannot take a call. While the world of starts up and entrepreneurship can be daunting, there are generations of professionals developing hundreds of tools to make the leap easier for the next generation.