Courage is an interested characteristic. It is not necessarily a quality that people are born with, but one that is acquired through experience. Only if an individual understands the true value of it will they subsequently understand that to utilize courage demands effort. Hemingway famously defined courage as ‘grace under pressure.’ People who have faced challenges and know how to adeptly overcome obstacles in their way, who have been under pressure and still performed, they know how to harness courage.

Defining Moments of Courage’ is a bestselling book which tells the tales of people who have overcome adversities in order to achieve success, in professional and personal capacities. Dean Kosage, Chief Executive Officer of Zooplr, Inc is a noted contributor of the book, and wants to impart his own story to help others find ways to best draw out their potential for success. Kosage had an unusual childhood, growing up off grid, yet instead of using this as an excuse he utilized these experiences to make a difference. No one person’s path to career or personal achievements is the same, yet often the methods and steps taken to best learn from experiences are strikingly similar.

Difficulties in childhood or young adult life provide motivation for a certain type of person. It demands courage, and ultimately the determination and awareness necessary to learn from these important times in life. Many stand to profit from listening to the stories of others, and learning that instead of being held back they need to learn to help themselves. Dean Kosage describes this as cultivating an inner authority, an independent way of thinking that does not completely eschew outer influences but that can discern between them. Through experience one can find their inner authority, find their inner courage, and use it to further themselves in any given situation.

As someone who has managed to take the right steps throughout his career in order to prove that his own courage has lead him down the right path, Dean Kosage’s business endeavors currently also help others find that success. In Dean Kosage, Fusing Minds and Business read more about how he is capable of bringing together like-minded people in order to generate success.