Plethora of Professional Experience

Dean Kosage has a plethora of professional experience. He began his career with MLM company Amway and was highly successful, winning awards for quickly moving up to its ranks. He was in the .002% of all MLM leaders in the world according to Amway Statistics. In two short years, Dean rose to the Executive level, and then only a few years later made it to Executive Diamond, the highest ranking available. As an established MLM company, Amway enabled Dean to start on the right footing, ensuring a flexible and successful career in the years to follow. Dean Kosage, was also the Chief Executive Officer of Zooplr, Inc. Zooplris a breakthrough mobile app that brings chat, blogging, and eLearning together for the first time. As a gamified search and discovery company, Zooplr helps entrepreneurs and other brilliant minds to educate and redefine communication through smart phones.

Dean Kosage
Dean Kosage

There is a lot more to learn about Dean Kosage, which can be found on his official account on Twitter. It’s worth mentioning that Dean did not always have an easy life and had to work hard to get where he is today. He grew up moving from one place to the next. It may have not been the best environment for a young kid to grow up in, but Dean managed to make the most out of the situation and learn from it. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be successful and to achieve that success by legitimate means. And although he achieved great success at Amway, it was also while working for the company that he was encouraged to marry young. While this led to the birth of his beloved daughter, he also divorced shortly after, raising his daughter alone. Not one to let setbacks consume him, he home-schooled his daughter and provided several tutors for her while he was on tour as a musician. This was a very difficult time for Dean, having to juggle work as well as making sure his daughter was taken care of.

Having come out on top despite these testing moments, Dean has made the most of them by applying them to his next business venture in motivational speaking and life coaching. Dean founded his company Kosage Motivation, Inc. with the goal of motivating individuals to exit what he refers to as “survival mode” and enter “success mode.” He has truly helped encourage individuals to take positive control of their lives and go after their dreams, which is exactly what he did.

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