It is said to be one of the most difficult jobs in life, being a parent. Often all other responsibilities fall slightly by the wayside while bringing up children takes precedence for any attentive parent who wants the best for their children. The best for children does not necessarily mean giving them your undivided attention, but is instead leading by example and remaining successful throughout different facets of life. Children who go on to be successful usually are not the ones who have been spoiled throughout their childhood, they are ones who have learned through experiences. Education is key, but this is not confined to what is learned during school, and being a parent means educated your child in the best way possible about life.

Each parent can bring a different dynamic to a child’s upbringing. ‘If I Were Your Daddy’ is a bestselling book which provides the reader with a collection of different essays regarding being a father. Each contributor’s story is unique and allows for a glimpse into how each father has provided for their children in different ways, from CEOs to Grammy award winning musicians, to multimillionaires and bestselling authors. Dean Kosage is an entrepreneur and business success, who also raised his child as a single father. In sharing his first-hand experiences as a father his wisdom will help better equip other fathers who are maybe struggling to balance work responsibilities with parenthood. Reading Dean Kosage, How To Be Successful as a Businessman and Single Father, this is clearly a passion of his.

The role of a parent is to impart life skills, and to give your child the best chance of success. Dean Kosage’s own upbringing was out of the ordinary, having grown up primarily on boats and in learning a lot of what he knows from nature. In parenting therefore he also is able to give his daughter a special insight into the ways of the world, and also show her by example how anyone can find their own success.

In Dean Kosage, Environment as the First Step Towards Success read also about how he overcame his struggles in marriage to provide for his daughter. In frank accounts throughout the bestselling book ‘If I Were Your Daddy’ fathers and mothers around the world are able to see how any difficulty can be turned into a learning experience for a child. This can give them an education on life more valuable than their counterparts.