Dean Kosage, Life Under the Radar

The Unmistakable Creative is a podcast that focuses on interviewing unique individuals and leaders in their industries, profiling all types of professionals, from graffiti artists and entrepreneurs, to authors and artists. Recently, Chief Creative Investigator and Host Srini Rao interviewed entrepreneur and tech expert Dean Kosage. The interview looked primarily at Kosage’s early life and how growing up in an alternative lifestyle was the motivation he needed to pursue his entrepreneurial career.

If you were to look at Dean Kosage videos on YouTube, you would consider him a normal, albeit highly successful entrepreneur. He found early success through direct sales and marketing before becoming a professional life coach and branching out into the tech industry. His childhood was far from conventional or linear however. He grew up on boats off the coast of Florida and was raised by his single mother whose means of generating income was sometimes dubious. Dean says this alternative childhood was a huge motivating force behind him wanting to become a professional businessman later on in life: “When you are a product of your environment, you are driven one of two ways, you become it or you completely rebel against it”. Speaking about his mother’s means of supporting them during his formative years, he says: “those things can either trap you and you become a victim, or they inspire you to move on.” Needless to say, for Kosage, his somewhat uprooted upbringing proved to be an inspiration for moving onwards and upwards in life.

Dean also relates the story of one day meeting some young successful businessmen; the inspiration he received from them, and then sharing this encounter with his friends at the time. Rather than being supportive of his newfound motivation to pursue an ambitious career, his friends laughed at how seriously he took it. It was at this moment that Dean realized that the people he was surrounding himself with were not heading in the same direction in life. “They weren’t bad people” he said, comparing their paths to a bus heading to Canada, “I just realized I didn’t want to go to Canada and that I needed to get on a different bus.”

The secret to Dean Kosage’s success was changing his environment, people included. He soon realized that by shaping his company and surroundings, he was positively affecting the course of his future success.

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The Importance of Finding a Great Mentor, with Dean Kosage

Everyone has the potential to make something worthy of their lives. While the definition of success varies from person to person, having the support of a mentor helps greatly in defining and tailoring one’s goals to become more attainable, whether they be personal or professional. Finding a trustworthy, experienced, and successful mentor can be easier said than done however. Many of us turn to an authority figure earlier in life, such as a parent, family friend, or teacher.

And yet, it is just as important to cultivate a strong sense of inner authority, which allows one to discern from different pieces of advice and ultimately follow one’s own conviction. The right mentor does not want a dependent; leading the mentee step by step but instead wants to help lay out the right path. Dean Kosage is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who cites being mentored through college as a contributing factor to his success. Despite an unusual and somewhat unsettled upbringing living on boats off the coast of Florida, his adulthood has gone in the opposite direction. He has grown to become a renowned individual, receiving recognition for juggling his successful professional endeavours in conjunction with his personal life as a single father. For Dean Kosage, the true measure of success is helping others achieve their goals, and he has now helped thousands of other budding entrepreneurs learn about business from a young age.

Having contributed his professional advice to the bestseller Defining Moments of Courage and his personal experiences as a single father to the book If I Were Your Daddy, Kosage is proof that mentorship does not exist solely in the professional sphere. A mentor is someone who instils confidence; someone who listens and encourages growth. Becoming a parent, especially a single parent, is no easy feat and especially  without the trusted guidance of a person who has done it before. While many are triumphantly independent, sometimes the small act of reaching out for advice can go a long way.

For Dean Kosage, making his mark in the tech industry has been his most recent success but he cites helping others in providing mentorship as one of the most rewarding of his responsibilities.

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Dean Kosage, Street Savviness versus Academia

It has long been believed that there are two types of intelligence; that gained from experience and the other from studying. While most people cumulatively acquire knowledge from both sides of the spectrum, being ‘street smart’ often does not come so easily to those who are more academically inclined, and vice versa. While achieving good grades and strong qualifications will certainly be valuable for one’s professional life, it is just as important to cultivate social skills. These are indispensable for learning how to get along with co-workers, adapting to new situations, making friends and  romantic partners.

Forbes recently released research proving that although a person could certainly earn money from being book smart, people who earned higher salaries and who did better as business owners were also very in tune with understanding people. Highly regarded businessman Dean Kosage, official profile on AngelList, had an unusual and somewhat unsettled upbringing, living on boats off the coast of Florida. He cites his childhood as being not too dissimilar to the kind of life that was depicted in the hit show Miami Vice, but has worked his way up the corporate ladder to become a successful businessman, motivational speaker and single father, receiving awards for his endeavours along the way. It is his belief that his unique upbringing allowed him to develop a shrewd, streetwise perception of society that gave him the drive to reach his goals, despite encountering setbacks.

This estimation clearly brings out creative thinking also. Dean Kosage has always sought to provide unique products and services to his clients, and has actually patented an innovative dynamic directory and content communication system. The type of people who are able to think outside the box and profit from intelligence acquired by experience are the ones who are able to better think on their feet. In business, this can be vital in terms of securing deals, handling clients, and recognizing how to perform in certain social situations. These people are usually also self-made; not having had a family to support their endeavours.

Dean Kosage believes that we are all products of our own environment. People can either become victims of their experiences, or they can utilize them as catalysts to effect positive change. That is what being street smart entails, and what helps people get ahead in life. Look up Dean Kosage – Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress for further inspiration.

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Dean Kosage, Using Others’ Inspiration to Motivate Yourself

Self-help books have long been a go-to for people seeking guidance and motivation to improve themselves and reach their goals. This is logical, as many find it difficult to effect change without inspiration from others. And although shelves are loaded with different manuals on how to better ourselves, there is often little proof that they will actually help us achieve the desired result. A far better option is to look to people who have been in our shoes, and carried through with success. Reading about the paths they took, how they achieved their goals and how this can be applied to your own situation is highly effective.

Luckily, some of those who have found success in their personal or professional lives have shared their knowledge and experiences with others. As a successful businessman, single father, and motivational speaker, for Dean Kosage, the true measure of success is helping others achieve their goals. After achieving career prestige at an early age, he then focused his efforts on passing on his experiences to others, helping them get out of what he calls “survival mode” and into “success mode”. His alternative upbringing has afforded him a unique ability to read people, and appreciate different perspectives on life.

Dean Kosage is also a contributor to the bestselling book, Defining Moments of Courage, a collection of stories from a range of individuals who have achieved success in their lives. This compilation showcases the various paths and possibilities open to people who want to expand their horizons and shoot for higher goals in life. Books like these, together with concepts such as Chicken Soup books, are appealing in that they offer real life examples of inspirational people who have achieved seemingly attainable targets.

Among all these stories there is proof that the right mindset has to come from within. While self help books may help, as their name entails, they will not work as effectively as learning by doing, and from what others have tried and succeeded in before. For Dean Kosage, making his mark in the tech industry was an outstanding achievement, but he has also been commended as a single father and motivational speaker by Cambridge Who’s Who, making him an exemplary figure to other working single parents, entrepreneurs and businessmen.

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Overcoming Hard Times with Dean Kosage

While most people endure hard times at some point in their life, those who have been able to overcome difficulties are the one’s who have learned and come out stronger from it. Learning from tough times means employing the experience as a force for good in the world. The media continuously showcases the lives of celebrities, athletes, and other high powered individuals who have built a name for themselves coming from nothing; people who have turned their disadvantages into motivators and eventually become successful.

Dean Kosage, a renowned motivational speaker and all-round professional calls this getting out of survival mode and entering success mode. It is not something exclusive to the elite and famous; it applies to everyone. Using Dean Kosage, unstoppable success even in the face of adversity as an example, prosperity presents itself as more attainable. While Dean was recently commended by Cambridge Who’s Who for his dedication and excellence in the field of motivational speaking, his trajectory to success wasn’t all smooth sailing. After an impulsive marriage that ended with early divorce, he became a single parent but continued to work hard and still make a name for himself at the company he was based with.

Instead of dwelling on past issues, it is important to break out of negativity and use hard times as a motivator. Ambition and determination are essential in the drive toward that success, and it is important for people to set themselves goals in order to overcome the challenges that life will throw at them. For many though, a feeling of being stuck pervades, and without an inspirational success story to follow, it is easy to succumb to the downward spiral.

For Dean Kosage, creating a vision and making decisions is the first step towards making change in a positive direction. By cultivating strong inner strength, people can embrace hard times and come out successful. In leading by example, Dean has helped motivate thousands to make positive changes in their lives.

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Finding Motivation with Dean Kosage

The way that people are motivated can differ greatly from person to person. What can serve as a strong motivation at one point in a someone’s life is subject to change as they grow older. Experiences change them.

In psychological terms, motivation is the drive behind every one of our decisions and behaviors. There are also two different types of motivation: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is when things are done in order to gain rewards or avoid punishment. Intrinsic motivation is when behavior arises from enjoyment in the task itself, from which satisfaction is gained. Both of these types of motivation can stem from negative experiences.

As a successful motivational speaker, Dean Kosage has helped people understand what motivates them. So many of us are caught up in the daily grind that we fail to take a moment to realize we are receiving little satisfaction from our life’s course. Both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation needs to be applied in order to remove oneself out of this mere survival way of thinking and start enjoying life. Dean Kosage’s Lifestream Blog goes into further details, but his objective is to motivate others by taking control over their lives and bring about positive change by entering into what he calls ‘success mode’. He has been commended by Cambridge Who’s Who for Excellence in Motivational Speaking, and for otherwise helping people find their path to success.

Success can be defined in a variety of ways, and means something different to each individual. This aside, it is safe to say that many have trouble swinging back from setbacks in life. Personal debt is high, as is divorce, with the debilitating effect both these have on personal and professional success in the long term. Drive and perseverance is necessary in order to generate personal growth and extract oneself out of any slump.

People are becoming increasingly aware of their self worth and the possibilities out there for anyone who wishes to break free from routine and find a deeper meaning in their endeavors. Dean Kosage, channeling creativity through business, has cultivated a fanbase of thousands from around the world who look to him as a source of inspiration.

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Dean Kosage, Traveling and Inspiration

Travel is one of the most important things that any individual can do for their personal and professional life. There are certain skills, lessons, and experiences that can only be gained from moving to a place and environment that is vastly different from what you are used to. Many people only find their true source of inner strength when they are in a city without a single friend or family member and they find themselves in a difficult situation. For professionals, traveling is important because it broadens our horizons and teaches us things about the business practices and industries that are shaping our world and the lives of the people in different communities.

Dean Kosage described some of his travel experience in his video An Evening with Dean Kosage (video on Dailymotion). In this video he describes how he traveled around the world as a public speaker, sharing his professional experiences with audiences across the globe. As a professional motivational speaker, life coach, author, and entrepreneur, he has built a career for himself out of motivating others to pursue their personal and professional goals. In a recent interview with the Unmistakable Creative, a podcast that profiles outstanding professionals and interesting individuals, Dean Kosage says, “anybody who has achieved in sports or achieved globally realizes that there is a whole world out there. The people I related to the most were people who lived extraordinary lives or people who had experienced the world and were cultured.”

He found early success in his life because of his professional ambitions and unique ability to network with people from all walks of life. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder after graduating in direct sales and marketing. At an early age, he was receiving awards and recognition for his accomplishments as being in the top .0002% of sales representatives in the largest direct sales company in the world.

For Dean Kosage, the true measure of success is helping others achieve their goals. That is why he realized that he was outgrowing the culture of his previous company and decided to start helping others with their careers. He founded a professional life coaching company called KMI, later rebranded to Freestyle. Over twenty-three years, he helped more than 2 million aspiring entrepreneurs from more than twenty-eight countries gain access to the resources and skills that they needed to find success in their professional lives but could not gain through traditional schooling.

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Dean Kosage, Leaving Behind Unproductive Relationships

You can tell a lot about a person from whom they choose to spend their time with. Of course, many people choose their friends based on common interests; artists tend to spend time with more artistic people; athletes tend to spend time with more athletic people However, when one makes a conscious decision to surround themselves with individuals who are an inspiration to them, and not just someone who shares common interests, the result is that we are more likely to accomplish the goals that we have set out for ourselves. If you want to make changes in your professional life, it is important to surround yourself with individuals who are also climbing the corporate ladder and earning more money than you.

For Dean Kosage (videos on YouTube), finding success in his professional life meant breaking free from certain social circles and surrounding himself with individuals who inspired him to greatness. As a kid, he grew up being raised by his single mother in Florida. He was raised living on boats and didn’t even attend a traditional school until he was a teenager. His mother made a living outside the law by smuggling drugs into the country. However, as Dean Kosage said in a recent interview with the Unmistakable Creative, “when you are a product of your environment you are driven one of two ways, either you become it or completely rebel against it.” He realized that the lives of the people around him were not something that he wanted for his future, saying “I was always drawn to the people I felt were more kind and used their power for good.”

He spent much of his time distancing himself from that period and building a new life for himself. “I was always drawn to the people I felt were more kind and used their power for good. The people I related to the most were people who lived extraordinary lives.” He also told the story of being in the gym and noticing a group of young and accomplished-looking professionals. After speaking with them, he shared the story of this experience with his friends at the time and was surprised by their reaction. Rather than being receptive to his newfound desire to pursue professional success, his friends didn’t understand.

For Dean Kosage (official account on Twitter) pursuing his career meant leaving these people behind and he advises “upgrading your friends if they don’t want to move on with you.”

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Dean Kosage, Starting Global Movements

There is an art to influencing others. It is not about manipulating people into doing what you want, it is about inspiring them to share the same idea, the same vision, of success that motivates you and your work. Luckily, the rise of technology and its pervasiveness in our daily lives has allowed business and industry leaders to connect with individuals around the world, regardless of location and time. This has made it possible for those with inspirational stories and skillsets to get their message out there to people around the world.

For Dean Kosage, publishing inspiration was the motivation for founding his company, Defining Moments Publishing. Defining Moments Publishing focuses on printing inspiring stories of incredible individuals. Their Amazon #1 Bestselling book, Defining Moments of Courage profiles successful individuals from around the world and from all walks of life. They share their sorties of success and the key moments in their life that shaped their professional careers. As a tool for influencing others and starting a global movement, books such as Defining Moments of Courage allow professionals like Dean Kosage to inspire millions of people with his messages of motivation and professional success.

Dean Kosage, The Value of Being Street Smart

We have all heard someone describe their friend as “book smart” as opposed to “street smart”. Many valuable things can be learned in the classroom or from reading about it in a book. This is how the vast majority of us learned the skills that we use every day. School taught us how to read, write, do math, discuss history, and argue our points. While these are valuable skills, they are only half of the equation. The truly capable person is one who balances their ‘book’ knowledge with being street smart. In contrast to book smarts, street smarts are lessons, information or stories that can only be gained through experience.

Think of street smarts and book smarts in terms of a courtroom. Book smarts are the facts, evidence, and events that make up the backbone of your case. Street smarts are the ways in which you deliver your argument, present your information, and influence the judge and jury. Without book smarts, the most suave and charismatic persona has nothing tangible to say. Without street smarts, the best argument falls to pieces and fails to make it into the hearts and minds of the jury.

If we look at some of the most accomplished and influential individuals in our society, we see that they have a balance of both book and street smarts. Take entrepreneur Dean Kosage for example. As he described in a recent interview for the podcast Unmistakable Creative, he was raised in an alternative lifestyle with his mother and brother, growing up on boats off the coast of Florida. This childhood, free from classrooms and teachers, gave him ample opportunity to learn street smarts. He had to learn to catch, kill, and cook his meals; read people, and quickly evaluate the risks of any given situation. When Dean entered high school later, he didn’t possess much of the working knowledge his classmates did, but “when it came to critical thinking, logic, and patterns, [he] was far more advanced than many of the other kids in school.”

This ability, paired with the traditional schooling he received in high school and later in life, are what make Dean such an effective entrepreneur. He has successfully been able to incorporate the lessons he learned on the water with the formal education he received at school. This, in addition to his innate tenacity and ambition, gave Dean Kosage the perfect combination of qualities to become a leader in the business world.