Dean Kosage, Success Is about Diversification

Artist, author, and entrepreneur, About Dean Kosage is the perfect example of what can be accomplished by diversifying your skill set and taking advantage of every opportunity given to you. Having started in direct sales and marketing, it was clear right away that Dean Kosage had a knack for professional networking and sales. This led to him quickly climbing the ladder with Amway. However, he had to distance himself from Amway because the company was having problems managing their brand. Realizing that he had outgrown the company, Dean Kosage decided to move on to better things, a decision that changed his life for the better.

He entered the business world on his own and inspired by his own success. He founded his own professional life coaching business to help other entrepreneurs called KMI. Over twenty-three years, he inspired more than two million athletes, actors, singers, and other entrepreneurs, helping them get the knowledge and resources necessary to find success in their own careers. His professional life has been built on helping others find success. Because of his early career, Dean Kosage knew that he could help business in general by inspiring others with his story of success.

Dean Kosage, Inspiration through Life’s Great Challenges and Achieving Success through Perseverance

In any endeavor, motivation can emerge to help you realize and accomplish your dreams, only to suddenly disappear when you need it most. This is especially true for entrepreneurs like Dean Kosage, for whom defying the odds is practically second nature. The continuous struggle involved in bringing a single idea or product to the market can be an exhausting and arduous task, and rekindling the passion and dedication that initiated the idea can seem almost impossible. This is why it’s important for entrepreneurs to engage with those who have supported or helped them in the past, such as trusted partners or friends, or to find new sources of motivation with the help of experts and motivational speakers.

Getting the Most out of Difficult Situations

Personal growth and development has always been a primary focus of Dean Kosage’s personal and professional life, especially after dealing with the devastating aftermath of a divorce. But instead of retreating from the hard work and stress of a successful career, Kosage worked even harder as an entrepreneur and single father. Already an established network marketing expert at Amway, one of the largest multi-level marketing (MLM) companies in the world, Kosage’s experience during his divorce opened his eyes to a world of other single fathers and divorcees who had been through similar experiences, but who were struggling to reorient their lives in a positive direction. Always someone who has been skilled at reaching out and connecting with people, Dean Kosage decided to use his personal experience to help others get their lives back on track.

Dean Kosage

For Dean Kosage, helping others is a reward within itself. Kosage’s commitment to his career and family life is one of the many reasons he was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in all aspects of motivational consulting. Cambridge Who’s Who is the fastest-growing publisher of executive, professional, and entrepreneur biographies in the world today. The organization’s mission is to give professional credit to those who deserve it, specifically to those who display the competitive edge and business leadership skills needed to be successful in today’s corporate world.

The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry provides a detailed compilation of biographies that highlight members’ expertise, achievements, affiliations, and education. This creates an expansive networking web of professionals who can assist young entrepreneurs with job recruitment, career enhancement, and new business development. In addition to his own success, Kosage has always made helping others become successful a major priority. No matter what your dreams are, Dean Kosage wants to motivate and inspire you.




Dean Kosage, The Power of Words

It is important in life to surround ourselves with individuals who push us to find success and achieve our full potential. This is equally important in our personal and professional lives, but not everyone has the opportunity to find mentors and close friends who can play this role. For Dean Kosage, this was true, having come from a turbulent family life and struggle through a difficult divorce. However, his determination to overcome challenges and the eventual success he found in doing so has inspired him to share his story through his book, Defining Moments of Courage.

For Dean Kosage, publishing inspiration was a means of reaching the widest possible audience with his story. His book, Defining Moments of Courage, is a collection of stories from successful business professionals who share their sources of inspiration and determination. The goal of Defining Moments of Courage is to provide individuals around the world with stories of inspirational professionals. In doing so, Dean Kosage hopes that he can spread positivity and ambition throughout the world for those who lack direct role models in their personal and professional lives. This has created a global movement of professional life coaching that Dean Kosage has become the leader of. His work as a professional life coach has motivated thousands of individuals around the world to pursue their dreams in the face of great adversity.

Dean Kosage, A Career of Never Compromising

In the face of great adversity, it is important to remain strong and courageous. There is no room in success for personal doubt, especially when it comes to one’s professional life. When faced with challenges in our careers, it is crucial that we do not compromise our standards of excellence and our expectations for ourselves. Dean Kosage, entertainer, author, and entrepreneur, is an example of what happens when a devoted professional commits himself to his goals. Despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges in his life, Dean Kosage has climbed every mountain he encountered, building a career that stands as a model to others.

Staying Grounded Despite Success

Dean kosageAmway set the stage for the first in several successes for Dean Kosage, inspiring courage and success in the world of business, by quickly becoming a leader in the company. Starting in his early twenties, Dean Kosage became involved with the MLM company as a means of generating income and developing his professional skills. With Amway, he was able to build his reputation as a capable salesman, earning the coveted Diamond status and proving his leadership skills within the company.

However, while Dean Kosage’s career was rocketing, his personal life was spiraling out of control. After going through an extremely difficult divorce, he was left alone as a single parent to raise his daughter, Teagan. Set before him was a challenge: Kosage needed to find a way to raise his daughter with all the love and attention she deserved, while simultaneously refusing to compromise on his professional ambitions. While most individuals would consider this a devastating situation, Dean Kosage found the courage necessary to find balance in his personal and professional life.

Dean kosageOne phrase will always remind the world of Dean Kosage, “success through adversity”. Handling the responsibilities of a single parent was something that he took great pride and a sense of accomplishment in. He decided to devote himself to his daughter, homeschooling her until the age of eleven so she could have the best education possible. At the same, he was able to financially provide for his family, continuing his rise in the ranks at Amway. In one short year following his divorce, Dean Kosage had a healthy and happy daughter, as well as an award from 2008 Cambridge Who’s Who, received onstage in front of more than 30,000 individuals and business professionals.

Dean Kosage, Despite Great Odds, Finding Success as a Single Parent

What is the difference between those who are successful and those who fail? It is important to foster the necessary skills and experiences that will help us pursue our personal and professional goals, but often having the right mindset is the deciding factor between staying focused and giving up. Dean Kosage is an entertainer, author, and successful entrepreneur who understands this fact. Having overcome great personal adversity in his life, Dean Kosage has managed to stay committed to things that truly matter to him. Not only does this include a long string of professional endeavors, it also includes taking care of the people around him.

Learning About Balance

The personal and professional life of Dean Kosage, an inspiring story of fighting against the odds, begins in his early twenties when he joined the company Amway. Bringing with him an unfailing devotion to excellence, he quickly rose to prominence within the company. As his mentors recognized his potential, they gave him more responsibility and became more involved in his personal life. Outside of work, Dean Kosage was dating a woman for only six months before he was pressured into marrying her. After two years, he went through a turbulent divorce that would have emotionally destroyed a more vulnerable person. However, out of this darkness came Dean Kosage’s greatest gift: his beautiful daughter Teagan.Dean Kosage

His daughter has been the inspiration for his success ever since. Raising a child as a single parent is not something that most people can handle. For Dean Kosage, however, nothing would stand in the way of him pursuing his professional dreams while at the same time raising his daughter with the values and attention she deserved. Because of this, two short years after his divorce, Dean Kosage rose further still up the corporate ladder and was honored in 2008 by Cambridge Who’s Who, accepting the award in front of more than 30,000 people.

defining moments of courageSince then, he has followed his passion for success as an entrepreneur and single parent. His talent for communication and profound business acumen was something that he felt he could share with the world through publishing. Dean Kosage’s book, “Defining Moments of Courage”, is a Publishing Inspiration. Comprised of a collection of inspirational stories from burgeoning entrepreneurs, including corporate executives and single parents, Dean Kosage wrote this book with the hope of encouraging others to stay focused on what is important to them, while juggling the responsibilities of their personal and professional lives.

Dean Kosage, How to Turn an Idea into a Global Movement

The Beatles famously sang “We all want to change the world,” but how does one individual actually take an idea and transform it into a global movement? Dean Kosage has long been inspiring courage and success in the world of business, traveling all over the globe giving keynote speeches about how to reorient your life after going through something difficult, such as divorce or becoming a single father. But how is it that Kosage has been able to take a single idea and experience and turn it into a global movement? Many people have been through a divorce and become single fathers, and yet way fewer have been able to take these experiences and turn them into courage and motivation.

In today’s fast-paced and individualistic world, we seldom take the time to slow down and look around us. We often overlook our community of fellow men and women who, like us, have a voice they want to express, but not a safe space to communicate it. Cultivating dialogues and connections between strangers is something that Dean Kosage has been accomplishing for years as a motivational speaker, and if there’s one thing he’s learned along his journey, it’s that we are all much more similar than we are different.

Facing Challenges Together

The first step to creating a global movement is to find an idea that strikes a chord with people. For Dean Kosage, this idea was finding success through adversity. Everyone has experienced a setback or obstacle that at first seemed impossible to overcome, which is why Kosage’s story resonates so deeply with people from all walks of life. When he first recovered from his divorce and decided to reenter business, Dean Kosage said he was a bit concerned about how others’ perceptions of him would change now that he was a divorcee and single dad. Yet, he discovered that people were actually even more drawn to him, having been inspired by his perseverance and ambition, and respecting his decision to pursue his career while also being the best father possible.

Dean Kosage

This experience taught Dean Kosage one of the most important lessons about creating a global movement: letting go of labels. Instead of defining himself as a single father or divorcee, Kosage took on the identity of a man who, like everyone else, had faced challenges and worked hard to overcome them. Of course his specific experiences have been integral to his success, but by positioning these experiences within an overarching narrative of finding the courage to not give up, Kosage’s story has had the power to inspire millions around the world.

Dean Kosage, Unstoppable Success Even in the Face of Adversity

Dean Kosage is an extremely accomplished entrepreneur, businessman, and keynote speaker, who has demonstrated throughout his career that big ideas matter. Big ideas are the seeds of change, which take root in the mind of a single person, and gradually grow and infiltrate the minds of fellow intellectuals and philanthropists to become realities. But without that first person having the open-mindedness and innovation to nurture and distribute that initial notion, taking an idea from concept to viability would not be possible.

Dean Kosage is that first person. Since he was just a teenager owning his own restaurant, Kosage has been aware of the far-reaching impact that strong leadership and big ideas can have on changing the course of one’s life. Kosage’s childhood was far from ordinary, growing up in Florida with a mother and stepfather who got by living on the outskirts of society. Becoming a highly accomplished business mogul was an unprecedented achievement for a young Kosage, and yet that is exactly what he did. Through his own personal determination and the mentorship of others, Kosage found his place in the field of network marketing, becoming one of the most successful individuals to work at Amway, the world’s largest MLM company.

Dean kosage

Dean Kosage’s career was moving in the right direction at Amway. However, his life took a drastic turn when he married, divorced, and had a child with a woman he had had a very brief relationship with. Suddenly, Kosage was not just a young network marketing tycoon on a path to professional greatness – he was also a single father. Becoming a father can be a challenging adjustment for anyone, but it is especially difficult when you are a full time businessman. For many, this would have signaled the end of a long and lucrative career; but for Kosage, it was only the beginning.

Using Personal Challenges as a Way to Inspire

Instead of looking at his divorce and fatherhood as an impediment to his career, Dean Kosage decided to use it as a way to inspire others who had been or were going through the same experience. Even after his divorce, Kosage continued to climb the corporate ladder at Amway, eventually becoming an Executive Diamond. He began traveling around the world, speaking to other single parents about rebuilding their lives after divorce, and even publishing a book called “Defining Moments of Courage,” a collection of inspirational stories from all walks of life that shows the world of possibilities available to all, and how to work up the courage you need to pursue your dreams.

Dean Kosage, How To Be Successful as a Businessman and Single Father

Dean Kosage is the kind of man for whom defying the odds has become second nature; a task that was never more clear than when he became a young, single father while working at Amway, one of the largest MLM companies in the world. Becoming a father is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging experiences a man can have. Taking on the responsibility for the care of another life can be an exciting prospect, but it also brings along with it a lot of practical considerations, worries, and questions. This is even truer when you are starting out into this uncharted territory on your own. Kosage’s story is one that pays homage to fathers all over the world who work hard to give their kids what they need and deserve.

When Dean Kosage was just in his early twenties, his natural talent for the network marketing industry was quickly leading him to become one of the most successful players at Amway, becoming the fastest and youngest IBO to achieve the Pearl Level. However, Kosage’s life took a brief detour when he married and subsequently divorced a woman he had only known for six months, leaving him not only with the financial and emotional stress of being a divorcee, but also as a single father to his only child, Teagan.

Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

As someone who has always found success through adversity, Dean Kosage chose to do the seemingly impossible: be the best single father he could possibly be, while simultaneously pursuing his career in network marketing and undertaking an array of entrepreneurial endeavors. In today’s world, many successful men, especially entrepreneurs, have terrible relationships with their children because of the time demand that their jobs require. Finding a work life balance can be extremely difficult, so many choose to focus on their work, substituting an authentic relationship with their kids with the material possessions that having a high-paying job makes possible.

Teagan back yard corona

Dean Kosage is the rare exception. While it is true that he works hard to give Teagan the best that the world has to offer, such as the limousine he recently bought for the two of them to ride around in together, Kosage believes that no amount of toys or number of cars can replace the special bond between a father and his daughter. Though he has enjoyed an astounding level of success in the business world, Teagan will always be Kosage’s first priority – you just can’t put a price family.

Dean Kosage, The Power of Books

There are few things more powerful in the world than the written word. For centuries, authors have been shaping the ways in which the public thinks, acts, and views the world as well as their relationships. Some writers choose to focus on life’s struggles, chronicling the battles of the common man in his pursuit of happiness. Still others choose to focus on the beauty in life, penning novels about love, friendship, and finding success. These stories, both the negative and the positive, have been sources of inspiration for millions of people around the world. They have given birth to the “self-help” genre, a category of reading that is often misunderstood as fluffy, verbose, or overly general.

Dean kosage

Why Books Matter

However, books that deal directly with helping individuals find success in life are a critical way of motivating people through their struggles. For example, take “Defining Moments of Courage”, a collection of stories about the lives of successful entrepreneurs and business executives. For author Dean Kosage, publishing inspiration through this book came from a deeply rooted passion for helping others find the success in their lives inside and outside of work. By drawing on the experiences of dozens of professionals, this book has helped countless individuals gain the perspective necessary to assess their strengths and weakness, ultimately leading to more fulfillments in life.


Dean Kosage, A Book of Inspiration

Success is something that we all chase, but only few are able to catch. There is not real secret to finding success, or at least, the ways in which we pursue it are different for each individual based on their situation in life, resources, and characteristics. For Dean Kosage, success as a tool for inspiration is not only something that he believes in personally, it is also something that he has used to build a career for himself as an entrepreneur. When considering the lives of accomplished business professionals, those of us looking for motivation or direction have the benefit of learning from the failures or triumph of those who came before us.

Dean Kosage

How to Inspire Millions

Learning from others is a crucial skill, both in our personal and professional lives. When it comes to sharing life’s stories, especially as they related to one’s career path or ambitions, it can be hard to reach a large audience. It can also be hard for budding professionals to find the mentors they need life for inspiration. That is why Dean Kosage, already a successful entrepreneur, has published “Defining Moments of Courage”.  This book is a collection of stories from accomplished individuals describing the moments that shaped them professionally. It is a must read for anyone, especially entrepreneurs, who are looking for inspiration for their work lives.